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                  Back from a trip to India, As usual it was fun, frustrating, hot , great and a whole gamut of emotions. Srirangam, wedding, Bangalore, reunion etc., all in quick succession. The highlight was the high school reunion at a beach resort. The wedding and trip to srirangam was a distant second. .

  • The reunion was for just 24 hrs, sat to sun and it was a 24 hrs of fun, relaxation, and totally refreshing time. I didn’t think even for a second about work, home or kids or anything at all and that in itself is a feat 🙂
  • Meeting friends after 25 years was awesome. I think childhood friends are the best, no expectations, no comparisons, can speak your mind freely and be yourself. I think we all became 17 again 🙂
  • Took an early morning catamaran ride into the ocean with friends – beyond wonderful. what a wonderful wonderful group of people.
    The laughter, games, teasing, walks, jokes, stories and joy cannot be measured or compared.

                Wedding was the same as any weddings, Traditional,  hot , baking  in silks, tons of meaningless rituals that no one cares about. I was a good girl, kept my opinions to myself, did what I had to and spent the rest of time chatting with cousins after ages and taking selfies 🙂 .  Chennai at 104 F with no a/c and tons of people in a hall is the ultimate torture, throw in jet lag, long travel times in traffic and it’s a vision of hell. 🙂

Bangalore was the same more traffic ( if that’s even possible)  🙂 Played with the new baby , Met good old friends ,  It was so wonderful. reminiscing and remembering all that we did 25+ years ago.

Srirangam was hot ,enjoyed the huge , beautiful temple, enjoyed MIL’s pampering, chats , It is still an old way of life there for them , simple, sweet, uncomplicated and fun for a short trip. Nights were as usual miserable,bugs, heat,  fans blowing hot air, hard mats ( yes I’ve become pampered and soft).

Shopped in Chennai and  came away with lots of eats and sweets, Kurtis and handicrafts , New buys were the mud pots to make yogurt in  and water jugs .

                 The highlight however were the Millets, old ancient Millets, I’m familiar with just Ragi, but realized there’s a world beyond that and this trip was a revelation.  Bought Saamai (Little millet), Varagu (Kodo Millet) ,Thinai (Foxtail Millet), Kuthiravaali ( Barnyard millet) and Kambu (Pearl millet) As a bonus  I now have contacts of friends who know to cook this stuff.

Here’s one by my friend SS, who was my inspiration to buy these, who cooks this regularly, Who Introduced me to the world of Millets  and took the time to show me the different varieties.  This is the first one I tried, right off the plane and it was fantastic. healthy and tasty. This is her recipe …

Thinnai Dosa – Fox Tail Millet Dosa.

3 cups Thinnai / fox millet
1 cup Urad dal
1 spoon fenugreek
1/4 cup poha – (  I’m not sure if she mentioned it but I added it)   🙂
Salt to taste


Soak for few hours, grind, ferment overnight ( optional)   and make lovely healthy crisp tasty dosa.. totally totally awesome.
We had them with tomato and peanut chutney .