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  • Schools out YAY !!!!!
  • The badminton net is up and the kids pounce as soon as I get home, no tea waiting just badminton rackets 😦
  • Took our mandatory post-school vacation, this time to the mountains. Hiking for 2 days was beyond awesome . Stowe is the cutest town with wonderful access to the mountains.
  • Day 1 went up to a small waterfall and then up Mt. Mansfield , the views are spectacular.
  • Walked thru alpine areas apparently from the ice age. Seriously !!!
    The mountains afar are really deep blue in color πŸ™‚ should remember that while painting.
  • We are really really insignificant amongst nature.
  • Day 2 found an amazing hike in rainforest like cloud covered mountains.
  • Hiked up the flowing stream under a canopy of thick trees, all the way in wet cold water ,it was exhilarating to see sterling pond ( pond in the clouds) .
  • The hike book is slightly misleading, this is not an easy-moderate Hike. It is a moderate-difficult hike, it says so on the state park board πŸ™‚
  • The wet slippery rocks, flowing water and elevation gain make it loads of fun .
  • I don’t care how friendly your dog is, leash them as the notice says, not everyone on this planet loves slobbering dogs running loose on rocky trails and no ‘he’s very friendly’ is NOT an excuse.
  • Teen R loves to hike and loves going ahead and he has tremendous stamina.
    Ms, A has an amazing attitude going up and then it take 180 turn and she torments us with her whining on the way down.
  • She is also terribly competitive πŸ™‚ she needs to be first however slow she is πŸ™‚
  • The best part is the sauna, hot tub after the hike , nothing can beat that.
  • Vacation end is never happy, everyone begs to stay an extra day.
  • Came back to a non-working fridge πŸ™‚ yuck. probably died a few days ago… and promptly wished I had agreed to the extra day.