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  • Its been a warm may – welcome warmth.
  • Raised bed gardening in progress – Planted snap peas , Brussels sprouts and kale in spring.
  • Kale is flourishing, peas are drying up 😦 and Brussels sprout is growing and growing without a Brussels sprout in sight..
  • Not that this deters me so went ahead with summer planting , beans, okra, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, Zucchini and cucumbers.
  • R planted strawberries, they looked dead but then we are optimistic gardeners. we usually expect miracles.
  •  So far not even a leaf to be seen. I think we can safely reuse the container. will go with herbs this time, less likely to murder those.
  • Ms.A decided flowers were her thing, helped buy them ( selection only) and didn’t want to plant , rarely waters but claims the pretty pots on the deck as her own.
  • Got a Fitbit charge and hence for the past 2 weeks walking like a maniac, ALL THE TIME.
  • Started our long evening walks and took the whole family on a hike on sat.
  • It rained on sun so decided to go again in the light rain and cool weather , R and Ms.A declined and so we went ahead after 10 min came running back to the car chased by swarms of mosquitoes.
  • The natural bug spray didn’t make a whit of difference. so we learned that when it’s rainy and cooler it’s best not to walk in forests and swamps .Nature from afar…
  • Have ordered a bug band, might as well give that a try.
  • Our neighbors think we have nothing to do, except walk around the neighborhood all evening, it is beautiful and yes we have nothing much to do.
  • Have 3 more weeks of school, in nice weather this is pure torture.