Tea time is sacrosanct for me, Tea, a good book, and a snack can’t be beat. All the days stress is washed away when immersed in Chai and a book . The best part is that R makes wonderful Masala chai, It’s a ritual  to  drive to work listening to music with chai in the morning , makes my day go so much better. On Weekends we try for a snack with the ritualistic evening chai, Vada is of course a favorite combo yet seldom gets made since we avoid oil and it’s time-consuming. Who has the time and patience to fry up batches of vadas, so I tried the baking method . Yes it’s not exactly the same, but it’s a close second, and anything with less time in the kitchen always motivates and interests me. 🙂

           This also makes for awesome vada curry the next day ( if any are left over) , totally guilt free and slightly soft  vadas don’t matter since the vada is cooked in gravy.

            My mom would be aghast at this modification, Baking Vadas probably lists right on top of ‘Never ever ruin’  list but  then again such is life.


Channa dal  – 1/2 cup
Toor dal – 1/2 cup
Chopped chilly + ginger + coriander – to taste
Sounf ( anaise) – 1 spoon powdered
Mint – 2 spoons chopped or 1/2 spoon dried.
salt  to taste
Baking soda – a pinch  ( optional but i find it helps)
Oil – 1-2 spoons.


Soak the Channa dal and toor dal , drain and blend a bit more finely than for the fried type. add in everything else.
Line a tray with parchment paper, brush a bit of oil, and drop scoop sized flattened vadas on it. brush over with oil . bake at 415 F for about 16-20 min.
Once done, Move it to broil and brush more oil if Required and broil for about 5 min ( be very wary, this burns in a jiffy)
and Done.

  • I really like baking them on parchment paper. helps make it non-stick and crisp.
  • Batter has to be tight – less water and a bit more crushed into a cohesive mix than regular Masala vada.
  • I soak dals overnight , so it’s a bit more softer to blend than normal.