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                  Its spring here without the spring like weather. The whole world had an above average warm winter while we had colder than  average winter. yep we’re  that lucky. 🙂  I also got news my youngest cousin is tying the knot and I’m all excited to go , So I started a frenzy of  exercising ( mostly at my desk ) and watching what I eat and it lasted about 3 days. Then the weekend hit and along with it withdrawal and I gave up.  I’m reasonable fit and hopefully will  tone once I start back on my rambling walks when the weather turns better ( if it turns better) so I decided to indulge in good old-fashioned fried food.

              I was also in whatsapp wasting time with cousins shopping for the wedding  🙂 and we got to discussing Patti and her cooking. and out came 2 of her recipes imparted to my oldest cousin  long long ago. the Kal Dosai and Thavala Vadai.

Kal Dosai is a softer version of the regular Dosa, taken on trips, its spongy with holes and soft and  yummy. Its special attraction ( at least to me) is that unlike regular Dosa this can be made in the morning and eaten later. Anything with time-lapse always works for me.
so here goes….


  • Rice –  1.5 cups ( not parboiled)
  • Urad dal –  1/2 cup
  • Salt –  to taste


Soak the rice and  dal together for few hours. Grind this into a smooth paste ( I use Vitamix) . Add salt and ferment overnight
This is made on iron pan. So add a bit of oil spread, when it becomes porous flip and done.

I was told to spread a bit of water on top before layering it to keep it moist. For long trips oil and molagai podi were smeared on top and wrapped in banana leaf hot  .. Tastes great with the banana leaf flavor.

Thavala Vadai is almost like thavala Dosa, just made unhealthier by deep-frying. but oh so tasty and crunchy. heaven with a cup of chai and a good book. My MIL makes these under the name of ‘Kunukku’ I think. I have to ask her, She makes it every time I visit and I eat a ton of it, guess I  don’t pay as much  attention to the cooking part as the eating part.
Anyway this is the recipe handed to my cousin from Pati . so can’t go wrong.


  • Moong + Urad+ Toor+Channa dal – 1/4 cup each ( total 1 cup)
  • Parboiled rice   1/2 cup ( can use parboiled idli rava too)
  • Mustard + Red chili  + asafoetida+ salt to taste
  • ginger + curry leaf – again to taste
  • Coconut gratings – 4 spn
  • yogurt – 2spn ( preferably sour)


Soak the all the dals and rice for a few hours. Grind to a gritty rough texture ( same as thavala Adai) along with curry leaves, red chilies and coconut. Add in salt and yogurt and deep fry into small shapeless lumps.

  • This vadai has no shape, just lumps of  moist batter.
  • I was told if this batter is to be stored to fry later ,add  yogurt and salt only when ready to fry.
  • This has to be blended/ground with very little water. the soaked water seems to be enough.
  • Don’t pulverize it Texture is to be very big rava like.