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On friday I Watched Cinderella with Ms.A, I didnt want to go but  she insisted she had to see it with me and me only. Its a feel good fairy tale, good wins over bad and all that with great costumes , but seriously it is the most idiotic tale to teach a young girl.

I was trying to shut up and not tell Ms.A anything, let her enjoy the movie. But I could last only so long . Between munching popcorn and admiring the beautiful dress and the ride back home I told her….

  • Be kind and courageous ALWAYS – awesome, worth repeating again and again.
  • Its not called being courageous to take crap from someone, especially if they are unfair. it’s called being a doormat.
  • If she were ever to have a step-mother who treats her unfairly she’s to explain first and then when it fails give her a good kick.
  • She is to demand her share of her fathers wealth, its rightfully half hers , no matter who says what especially if said dad is gone.
  • Sitting in the attic singing and moping around is NOT going to get her a prince or for that matter anything in life.
  • Nothing that comes easy lasts long  – AKA free dress and ride 🙂
  • Now if she had put her foot down, taken care of herself and her wealth and made her own dress it wouldn’t have gone poof at midnight.
  • She could have easily walked up to the palace and saved the poor fellow the trouble trying to find her if that was what she wanted.
  • She does not NEED a prince. but its great to have a partner to share her life and joys and sorrows .

Did I ruin it for her 😦  I know she enjoyed the movie, she told me she enjoys a happy ending, I agree with that, I hate a bad ending too, I’m partial to my love stories, I want her to dream, did I spoil that???? so many questions. she is after all a little kid. but when I went to give her a good night hug she told me.

‘Mom , I loved today, best evening, going with you, us 2 girls on a date and I know mom, I wont let anyone treat me like that, I’ll get my own dress too , and  If I get a prince I’ll make sure he’s good and nice  and I’ll be good  and kind to him too,  OK ”

I slept with a smile on my face that night. 🙂