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                  We all love dates and its healthy to boot, It’s regularly added in smoothies . Theres a special sweet dish made out of this that I ate during my Hyderabad days. My friends mom would make us this dish and regale us with stories of how her dad took her to some palace dinner that the Nizam had and how desserts were to die for. The stories alone fascinated us and of course the dish stands on its own. I recently got in touch with my friend , once again thank you Facebook and got chatting and she mentioned that Her mom was visiting ,of course I had to ask for the recipe from the source. Aunty has become quite the health food freak nowadays and tuned the recipe suitably for a less-guilt binge 🙂

                  It was an awesome hour chatting and reminiscing about our carefree college days , Nothing absolutely nothing compares to this 🙂

Surprisingly i tried this dish – thanks to the many snow days we’ve been having. Tweaked it a bit in an attempt to make it less work and reduced the ghee by half .
I also used the crock-pot in cooking the dal, it was a simpler easier step than stirring for 30 min on the stove top. so here goes, a typically Hyderabadi dessert apparently made for the kings !!!

  • 1 cup Khajur / dates – chopped fine without seeds.
  • 1 cup Channa dal
  • 3 cups Milk
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup ghee (I went with 1/4 )
  • 2 – 3 spoons rose-water.
  • chopped almonds – to taste
  • 1 spoon sugar ( optional)
  • pinch of salt


Soak Channa Dal for a few hours, drain and cook with 2 cups milk and a spoon of sugar till it is cooked and soft. Alternately I did this in the crock-pot and left it overnight with 2 cups milk and it was cooked perfectly. let it cool

Soak chopped dates in a cup of hot milk to soften ( this can be omitted) . Add Ghee to a pan, add almonds ,saute for a min and add crushed dal ( in paste form) + and cook. This needs to be cooked to a semi dry state, till light brown – I’d say about 20 min. Add in the chopped dates with the soaking milk, and start stirring.
This takes about 10 min to come together. Add the rose-water and cook till the ghee oozes out the sides. Add a pinch of salt to bring the flavours up ,mix  then it’s done.
yummy healthy ( ya ya ignore the bit of ghee) dates +dal halva ready, eat like a queen.

  • This is spectacular on a cold cold day
  • Totally it takes about 20 -25 min on the stove for the dal paste and dates to come together.
  • Cooking the Channa dal in the crock pot not only saves time but a mess on the stove with the milk boiling over .
  • Next time I plan to try the whole thing in the crock pot.