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             Pongal was here gone, in a blink of an eye , minus the sun shining and in sub-zero temperatures. Unfortunately this makes me not want to celebrate pongal, Pongal for me has been huge colourful Rangoli ( kolam) outside with the mandatory pot and sugarcane . It also means lots of carb laden food and then dozing the day in a warm carb coma watching some vague pattimandram on TV. Without all these requisite accompaniments pongal doesn’t hold much appeal. But anyway I try not to totally ignore the whole thing. I figured I could manage some sakkara pongal Especially coming home from work to steaming hot sakkara pongal without doing any work 🙂

            This slow cooked sakkara pongal is creamy, smooth , yummy and somewhat runny ( since I prefer that),  or according to Teen R who I called to check on it – ‘its looks like a swamp’ . Almost like a Akkaravadisil.

The recipe is very very simple.


Moong dal – 1 cup
Rice – 1 cup
Milk + water ( or just any one ) – 6 cups depending on consistency desired.

Jaggery – 1/2 cup
Cashews + Raisins + Saffron + Cardamom to taste
Cumin+ pepper+ginger+ salt + Cashews to taste
(depending on the type of Pongal – sakkarai or venn)


Add dal and rice with milk+water in a crock pot and cook till cooked and creamy , mine takes about 6 hrs, I don’t have a high/low switch I just plug it in and it’s a GO.
I do make it a bit runny, I then added some crushed jaggery + Cardamom + saffron and gave it a good stir, this melted into the gooey mass , Finished it off by roasting some cashews ( OK a lot) and raisins in Ghee and pouring it over the top. and done.

           For Venn Pongal I do the same and add Cumin + pepper+ salt+ ginger roasted in ghee and give it a good mix.

  • This works very well when done overnight.
  • I do add 1:1 moong dal and rice , sometimes even go a bit higher on the dal.
  • This plus tomato kurma/gotsu is really a hit .
  • I can eat Venn Pongal with this for days on end.