Happy 2015, Looking back at 2014 , It was a great year for us. No health issues, no family issues , no money issues, no job issues, no school issues. what more can I ask for . now I’m trying not to jinx it and let 2015 continue in the same vein. in 2014 I think….

  • I read a lot.
  • Vacationed a lot
  • Did a lot of outdoor stuff – Sea kayaking, climbing,Hiking etc.,
  • Painted, Gardened and actually grew veggies .
  • Took long walks, started a daily suryanamaskar regimen.
  • Could do with a bit more dinners with friends though and i certainly need to entertain more 🙂

                      I thought I’d see what I had wanted to do in 2014 and what I actually did 🙂 and was somewhat surprised to see I hit most of it, although they were not resolutions or goals and pretty easy stuff at that, yet this was the list and….

  • I want to paint more. get better at it and paint pieces I’m not comfortable doing. — This I mostly met, I paint regularly and started a portrait of the kids in oil ( now its a different thing that I haven’t finished it ), Doing more pastels now.
  • Exercise More , walk more often, be more focused on healthy living. both food and exercise. Yell a little less at the kids 🙂 — Still going on with the yelling but I started exercising more, walked a lot hope to continue it this year too.
  • Organize the home more ( yes I know it’s already organized still..) and to  decorate a bit more ( I’ve been wanting those large ceramic vases in strategic places) and this year I will find some I like. — Organizing yes decorating a big NO, didn’t do a bit of decorating. Not a bit, those large ceramic vases still remain a distant dream.
  • Have more fun with family, vacations, friends, etc.,travel more, garden more  and read a lot more books. – Gardening was a big hit, I had tons of fun in my raised bed. lots of veggies. plan to add another one next year. Travel was good too. Costa Rica was a highlight and Florida and Maine were not far behind,  I’m aiming for India and Ireland this year 🙂

So in all it was fun, carefree year, and I’m hoping and praying that 2015 will be the same. With Lots of love, laughter, family, friends and fun, of course the hope and wish that Teen R and Ms.A would miraculously change to become perfect children is always present, but I don’t count on that much.