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              I was chatting with a friend from elementary school. We connected after 30+ years. Thank you Facebook, whatsapp, whatever. She runs a manufacturing unit and is an entrepreneur which is so cool. We reminisced on our ‘Convent’ school days, She still has her pulse on Mysore and gave me the past and present gossip , It was a well spent 2 hrs. Which brought my suppressed memories rushing back , and I realized I was not the perfect child.!!!!!

  • I went to school in a Convent – like all proper girls did back then. This one in particular had a zillion rules and focusses on turning us out to be demure well read, accomplished, proper young ladies. The fact that most of it apparently didn’t rub off on me is not their fault at all. It’s the experience that counts.
  • I was a regular at the attached chapel and twice during exams. Once before and once after ( I believe in saying my thanks) .
  • I did quite well in studies, except for Hindi – not my strong point and kannada.. less said about it the better.
  • I sucked at moral education and did not take to crochet – AT ALL!!
    Lucky for me my grandma was super at crochet and basket weaving and all such stuff and she loved me faults and all , hence the pass mark.
  • I excelled at art but the nuns found my choice of topics sadly lacking in good girl arena, and insisted that I stick to flowers or sky, yep that’s it, nothing else .
    To this day I don’t paint anything with flowers – oh the trauma.
  • I was also a regular member of the kneeling outside with arms up group, but the silver lining was I was not a total write-off, just marginally, hence the kneeling which would reform me and turn me into a good girl, now this friend of mine, got called into mother superiors office along with her parents !!!!
  • I flunked miserably in singing, it was the boring carols but mostly I can’t hold a tune and I mix up the lines and drive my co-singers batty. so I was given the task of shaking that thing that resembled a miniature bheems gadha with seeds insides. Well even that I was asked to do only occasionally.
  • I would have loved to beat on one of those ‘ daffliwala’ miniature drums, but the nuns looked at me in horror when I suggested that.
  • My mom did try Carnatic music – in the hope I’d sing to my future bridegroom and parents at the bride seeing ceremony. but sadly that was not to be. Most of my guru’s quit or died or Simply didn’t show up. and which such DNA I’m wonder stuck that my kids are so musically gifted, did they perhaps get swapped at the hospital hmmm?

The lesson in this for me – I should not judge my kids. EVER.  They are saints in both studies and other stuff. I should just focus on raising them to be good human beings. and this post is so I remind myself whenever I get on my high horse and demand absolute perfection. But again they don’t read this he he.