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Is a mystery , I think to the teens themselves. Some of the things Teen R does and says confounds me and this is for the most part a very logical, no-tantrum, rule following , intelligent child.

  • Its freezing and he goes to volunteer for an event, so sweet, it’s an outdoor event and he refuses to take gloves !!! calls home in 45 min and wants gloves dropped off immediately please. Comes back an hour later with swollen hands. Spent the next hour soaking them in warm water and tormenting me for an hour asking about frostbite. Next day goes out in 40 F weather with NO gloves !!!!! guess the fingers have to fall off before the lesson sinks in .
  • Both of us work and drone on about how we have careers and not just jobs, and the time it takes to reach from work to home/school etc etc . Yet Teen R decides to stay back in school on a day when there is No late bus, no sitter and wants to get picked up at 2.45 pm, proceeds to call and text R repeatedly ( and he texts at the speed of light ) , R leaves work and picks him up. I go home and ask him why he stayed back on a day when there was no bus and considering it was a balmy 60F why he didn’t walk the 2 miles home. his reply – ‘ walk!!! oh I didn’t think of that mom’  huh
  • Wants some stuff for school, waits till the night before ( late) and loudly wonders why I can’t go to the store, when would that be my son, between 9pm at night and 6.30 am when you have to leave? and pray tell me who keeps stores open?
  • Forgets to bring home tickets for band night after repeated reminders and wonders why we didn’t attend? early onset Alzheimer’s?
  • Gets dropped off for the concert sees another kid in a bow tie and begs me to go home to find his , After searching high and low I call and tell him I can’t find it and ask if he wants a regular tie. he says OK , so I rush back and he comes to the car smiles takes the tie, stuffs it in his pocket and he’s wearing his bow tie !!!!!  WTH.

Yet , I look around at a lot of other teens and thank god every day for making this teen phase easy. of course I know Ms.A is close behind – My boundary pushing , Wild child 🙂 That’s when the fireworks will start. oh the joy of children.