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               Thanksgiving is almost here. Its my most favorite holiday of all. I love love love thanksgiving. Wait for it the whole year. Nope not the cooking part but the black Friday late night/all night shopping part

  • Love the 4 days off, the parties, food and laughter.
  • I don’t shop a lot. yes I know the deals are in name only, I rarely buy more than 2 bags stuff .
  • What I love is the getting together with friends. looking at deals in the papers, Getting hot chocolate ready in the middle of the night, leaving with friends, chatter, laughter.
  • The festive atmosphere in the malls, the crowd, sweaters, Christmas decorations
    Hearing the festive Christmas music and general air of festivity.

               This is closely followed by Karthigai – love it. Light up the whole house with candles, turn the lights down.

  • Me and Ms.A have made so much kundan rangoli .
  • Decorated mirrors bases with bling for candles. the house is going to sparkle.
  • The candle scent is jasmine and sandalwood this year
  • On the menu is baked Masal vadas and Sakarpara (baked ?) – yep that’s dinner .
  • Soulful MS singing in the background. sigh!!! can’t wait.

                Then there’s the KISS of LOVE doing the rounds in India and my thoughts on it , I don’t have that many, just the fact that isn’t PDA the most wonderful thing. who doesn’t liked to be hugged, kissed and appreciated. As a child my parents didn’t even hold hands in front of us yet they had no qualms arguing in front of us 🙂 wouldn’t you rather your kids learn how to be in a loving relationship by example?
We don’t care, we hug, kiss, cuddle and in front of the kids – yeh the teen too. and like all teens, he simply doesn’t care 🙂 and if I were in india I’d have dragged R and gone just to thumb my nose at the puritanical mindset. I’d drag my kids and kissed them too, especially the Teen ( but then again I don’t need an incentive to cause trouble do I )