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  • We just had elections, I always try to Vote, ALWAYS.
  • I reached the polling station late eve on Tuesday and there was a crowd but no worries I have my trusted Phone to keep me occupied.
  • Cant find my name, Cant even find our street !!!! WTH It has 4 homes on it, How on earth does one miss out listing an entire street.
  • Its listed on the sheet outside stating the street belongs to precinct 5. so between that list and the clerks list they left out a street???
  • Checked the main voters list in the town hall – Yep there I am a registered undecided Voter. but apparently no name on the street ballot list = no ballot 😦
  • oh well , I’m not giving up, I plan to sit there till I get a ballot, nothing better to do at home anyway 🙂
  • This whole Voting deal is populated with volunteers – over the age of 70 (easily)
    The warden peers into the sheet
    W: I think you’re in precinct 3 honey
    Me : It’s a 5 ma’am not 3
    W : you think, it sure looks like a 3
    Me : yep very sure that’s a 5. take your time, I’ll stay.
  • A veteran ( green beret) pats me on the back and says – ” good for you dear don’t budge till you get your ballot “. ( oh yeah like I need encouragement to cause trouble)
  • After discussions, checking lists, many ph calls and much more peering into various sheets I finally got the ballot and… they fixed the list, called town hall and got it fixed in the computer too  🙂
  • All this by volunteers over the age of 70 , We pay so much Tax ( salary) to the actual employees , Even have an exclusive computer savvy voter registration clerk who missed out a bunch of registered names and streets . ( in out tiny town) . How??
  • I wish these 70+ with their superb attitude, righteous nature and persistence, patience did these kinds of jobs, They may be slow but are meticulous . All our cities will have no issues whatsoever then.