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Diwali is over and so is  our anniversary, the parties, the binge eating – all over. it was quite satisfying, gobbling down all those sweets, I pray I never get diabetes, the lack of good old sugar would kill me.

  • I tried baked gulab jamuns, they were fantastic, zero oil
  • of course they were not crispy like fried but whats the point they are going to be made soggy dunked in sugar syrup anyway..
  • zero fat , so I ate double the quantity totally ignoring the loaded with sugar part 🙂
  • Teen R used to love jamuns now hates them. yay more for us
  • Ms.A is big sweet lover, will eat anything and everything sweet without control. hah my very own baby.
  • Also made baked masal vadas, with a dash of mint and sounf , just brushed on oil lightly,tasted great and crunchy.
  • It’s nice hot off the oven after that its best reused used to make vadacurry 🙂 very yummy
  • Teen R has an away game on Halloween from 5pm till 10pm , what kind of @#$ ruin a teens Halloween 😦
  • we never buy candy ,they are supposed to give me 1/3 , give 1/3rd away and use the rest of their Halloween stash year round as their candy snack.
  • Teen R is mad and begging me for candy. He even had a mask all ready !!!
  • Ms A is bummed too, she is a light weight candy beggar, can do at the most 10 houses and usually helps herself to Teen R’s candy stash.
  • We are bummed too, no more free Hershey and payday bars paid as parent tax 🙂
  • Ms A has a strange outfit. long pink gown, wings, sash that she made with ribbon and sparkles that say Lil Ms PERFECT , good Witch Tiara??  and cowboy boots !!!
  • I’m scared to even name the costume. she seems perfectly content with this mishmash.
  • We spent just 8$ on a cheap gown and she’s done all the other work and made it sparkly and ribbony and weird 🙂
  • She’s going to have a meltdown if the gown falls apart since she’s planning on going on her scooter , also decorated as a good fairy mode of transport.
  • oh well she’ll have pants and shirts inside so she wont freeze I guess.

With R taking Ms.A trick or treating and  Teen R away till 10 pm ,  I’m tempted to set a bucket of candy outside and relax with a cup of tea and a nice book. hmm life is good.