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         Diwali is here – sweets,lamps,candles 🙂 Candles being what I love most. Me and Ms.A go berserk lighting candles and putting them on Decorations, Flowers , Rangoli etc., while R prowls around making sure the house doesn’t burn down and looking at me like I’m a bit mad.

        We also make trays for our neighbor friends with sweets, savouries, some decoration and a small candle ( yes the candle obsession again) . Ms A loves to get dressed and go hand it to every one of course she hates helping in the actual work 🙂

       This year with the count of neighbor friends growing I decided to make Chivda and some Moong dal laddos, Ukkarai and buy the rest of sweets for distribution outside. Given that there are a few days left, I’ll probably give in and make murukkus for home. unfortunately I still am big on planning and small on execution. and I doubt I’m going to improve as I get older , oh well

        I found this cornflakes chivda recipe in an old cookbook( cover gone)  and made a mishmash of it and this tastes pretty good and it’s extremely quick less than 10 min. so going to be a repeat. and is a fine snack or breakfast with Tea. again not a healthy healthy choice but not bad either. Now the trick is to keep from eating it before I can distribute it. I get all excited about Diwali and make sweets in the weekend so as to be ready and by the time the actual date rolls around we are all done eating and there’s nothing left ,Which greatly annoys me. how can the whole family have so little self-control.

       So our Diwali goes on, we wear new clothes , Ignore the early morning bath as we are all hate that and anyway which sadist came up with that !!! light lamps ,move traditions around to do what suits us and add-on new traditions and make up our own Diwali.


Plain raw corn flakes – 2 cups
Poha/Thin rice flakes – 1 cup
Raw, dry Peanuts – 1/2 cup
Dalia/Fried gram 1/2 cup
Cashew nuts – 1/2 cup
Raisins – 1/2 cup
Curry leaves – few
Oil – 2 Tbsp
Red chilli powder / Turmeric /Coriander powder /Salt – as needed


       Spread some corn flakes on a plate and microwave for a min, pour into a big dish, repeat for the rest of corn flakes, poha,peanuts and dalia. make sure it doesn’t burn. Heat the oil , add the raisins, curry leaves, powders roast and pour over the microwaved stuff add in salt , mix gently till well incorporated. Done.

  • While micro waving some salt can be sprinkled if required.
  • Don’t have to add so much cashews and raisins,  I add them in.
  • I also sometimes add toasted slivered almonds and cranberries.