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      Lately me and Ms.A have been having issues in the morning before school. She is a very sweet child. Quite methodical and organized , However She is not exactly a follow the rules type. Now it’s either that, I’m used to raising a boy and that too a very easy-going one that I don’t expect 8 year olds to give me trouble or the fact that she’s as stubborn as I am .

       Every morning we have a dress fight. No I don’t care if she wears teeny tiny shorts that barely covers her bum. I have no issues with what she wears vis-a-vis skin showing but I have big time issues with her dressing for the weather. We live in a cold cold place and October is fall where the temps drop to about 55F – 60F . Its going to rapidly deteriorate from now on and land us in the below freezing zone soon. It is COLD, very , so why would a human being willingly freeze. She stands in the bus stop shivering, I can see goose bumps all over 🙂 yet we don’t want to let go of the shorts and the sleeveless skinny tops. why?

       I know Virus causes cold and fevers not the weather yet I have also read that being cold all the time causes immunity to drop thereby attracting the nasty bugs. and I have a career, not a job but a career I love and I really don’t like to spend my days at home taking care of a sick child. So I want the said child to protect herself as best as she can so she doesn’t willingly catch the nasty bugs , I also want the child to be confident and dress in clothes that she is comfortable in irrespective of what the trend is. A cold freezing child does not focus well.

        Hence the daily fight. which I really don’t want to have, so in spite of it being high-handed, I tossed all the skimpy summer stuff. took her shopping and got her fall clothes, not winter but fall 🙂 I feel terrible why should I have to dictate her choices. I hate the fact that I’m forced to comment on my daughters tastes, she is an individual and I don’t want to give the her idea that its OK for someone else to dictate her life style or choices . yet I don’t want her sick and me staying home.

       Where should I draw the line? when will she learn ? why on earth wouldn’t a human being want to be cozy and comfortable? should I worry about reduced immunity? or should I just let her freeze in shorts in the midst of a snow storm? so many questions no answers sigh !!!!!

        I hate to compare but teen R is about a gazzilion times easy to raise. even as a teenager. and Ms.A is just 8. I look at the future and it doesn’t look good , Ms.A hormonal, me pre-menopausal, no Teen R as a buffer!!!!  Maybe a M-F travelling job won’t be a bad thing.