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Navrathri is here. I love it. Not that we do much, Just celebrate Saraswathi Puja which mainly consists of making black Channa sundal and reverent prayers begging for Buddhi for the kids.

                  It’s a wonderfully social festival and my sarees get their annual workout 🙂 Rush back home from work, get dressed and visit the various Golus. In the US Golu keeping is an art form and rivals the best of Chennai Golus, with authentic dolls and kolams and silver coming out, I love it much better here. IMO and mine only no Chennai Golu with its heat dust and grime can compare to the cool , clean soothing Golu in the US complete with fabulous dinner, awesome sundal and the whisper of fine silks again without the accompanying sweat and grime. The only thing I miss is the tuneless singing by some poor young thing forced by the aunties in chennai,

               I also love the garbhas of which there are many, luckily we live close to a place filled with Indians. Of course I would love to visit the famed garbhas of Baroda one day but till then, will enjoy the local ones here. The vigorous 9pm to midnight dancing with friends is fun and a looked forward to event the whole year.
Teen R doesn’t understand what the fuss is about but obligingly helps so I leave quickly and he can get back to his ear phones and TV . He however refuses to participate and so the social round with me which is sad especially since I think it’s a good opportunity to show off his flute skills, oh well.
Ms A is a fashionista and will not lose any opportunity to dress up and dance. so she’s a given. R just takes pictures and breathes a sigh when we leave, and settles down to his football. so here’s hoping for a fabulous Navrathri, lots of fun with friends and lots of good food 🙂 and I now have to go and make Masal vadas to take to a party 🙂

Masala Vadas

Got this recipe from a friend and the addition of mint and Sounf truly gives it a tea stall taste, I omitted the onions for Navrathri although I don’t understand why god would have any objection to onions. oh well.

Channa dal – 1 cup
Raw rice     – 1 tblsp
Onion         – 1
green chillies – 2
Fennel       – 1 tsp
Coriander /mint – 1/2 cup
Salt as needed
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Ginger 1 inch piece

Soak and Grind everything to a very coarse mass without water, Some dal can be whole.

Fry – can it be simpler than that.