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I walk quite a bit and enjoy it and I think, randomly on useless topics. I was thinking back to my teens since I had spoken to a school friend and ..

  • I find Teenagers nowadays are moody, I don’t remember me being that moody, Sure I didn’t like interference of any kind ,especially the parental variety but I don’t remember being so volatile.
  • I remember ever since I started college, there was some on and off talk about my wedding ,mostly initiated by friends, relatives and so-called well-wishers. It’s almost like people took a perverse pleasure in telling me no matter what I did my fate was to get married !!! not that I was the kind to fall in line  🙂
  • I tell teen R to go away to college far from home and he thinks I’m weird. 🙂
  • I think that is because I left home to work in Blore and decided everything , where I would work,  where I live, with whom, how, when I went home, how etc., It was a very liberating and free life, and lots of fun ,the best 3 years of my Life.
  • I also realize now how tolerant my dad had to be to set me free and to face up to the disapproving music from the others, family, friends, well wishers, non-family. yet I never heard a peep. 🙂

and I know  where my kids get their traits from  ,  Teen R’s stubbornness, his strong will Ms.A independence, her blurting out her mind, refusal to back down  and both their capacity to argue till they are blue in the face….. hmm sigh yep all from me !!!!

And now to baking. I’ve been baking bread for almost a month now and have graduated to pizza, flatbread,etc.,  I chanced upon the 5 min artisan book and as usual had to have it and then had to have the jim Lahey, no knead book , it says ,no work’ right on the cover 🙂 and yes it’s easy no more than 5 min. I prefer the Lahey one just because its less yeast and i find it more flavorful. but, I’ve tried both and they  are spectacular. Here’s proof. Yes I did it with my own hands, no equipment other than an oven an a plastic box and my cast iron Tawa. Crunchy crust and a chewy inside moist and full of holes. I’m in awe. Guess what the poor souls at home are going to be eating repeatedly.