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Schools on, Early morning wakeup, Bus @ 6.30am .. I feel terrible for Teen R , what an unearthly time for school, whats wrong with a nice and easy 8am or 9am  start time. Who eats breakfast at 6.15?? seriously what a horrible thing to do to kids.

Anyway can’t help it. so we plod on. He’s excited the first few days and extra careful, but that wont last long, soon he’ll be back to his laid back , easy-going self and we’ll get back to the yelling 🙂 circle of life.

Ganesh Puja is back .I love love modaks, the whole family doesn’t care for it, so this one day i make sweet and spicy modaks and enjoy them for a few days. of course we also pray to lord Ganesha.

This year I have specific requests from Vinayakar,

The omnipresent keep everyone healthy, happy and safe but specifically

  • Let Teen R not forget to bring his HW and remember to turn it in.
  • Let Teen R remember to go to his classes in the right order.
  • Let Ms.A talk less in class and wander away less from class.
  • Let ms.A not argue with her teachers.
  • Let no one bully Ms.A for in return she will beat them up.
  • Let Me not get called to see the principal , both of them.
  • Let both of them eat without being picky at least 2 days in a week.

Hopefully he’ll fulfill them.