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                Summer is almost at an end, well not calendar wise but free time wise . School is opening soon, very very soon and it depresses me. Plus With the Teen R going to high school and me not having gone to high school here, I’m clueless , Anyway I don’t put much thought into it and just go about filling the forms and surveys, dropping and picking and what not. It’s up to Teen R to wade thru those murky waters and all I expect are straight A’s 🙂 ( the hope is if he aims at an A he’ll land somewhere close to it )

              It’s really cool that schools here have counselors, both academic and for other issues, I’m not sure how much they will help but from what I’ve seen it seems to be a great aid. There was this survey they had both parents and student take on learning style, personality etc., and it was really insightful to read the outcome about ideal learning environment for him, what Teen R thinks, and how I perceived him to think etc., an outside perspective on your child.

It seems Teen R thinks

  • His parents are heavily invested in him doing well at school ( of course we are, we’d rather not be feeding a 30-year-old )
  • His parents involve themselves in his education minutely (What! we never ask about content , just if he’s done his work)
  • He never relies on his parents to solve any problems in learning he may have. ( really, who helped you with quadratic graphs ??)
  • His parents are very supportive of his extra activities and clubs and encourage him a lot ( hah !! If you think I’m going to be sitting in those football games freezing my bum off to watch you play the same songs in the marching band ….you are living in an alternate universe son)
  • He is very focused (he he he dream on my child)
  • He is not stubborn at all and very receptive to ideas ( huh, who?? )

Anyway it came out that he likes structure, direction, he is shy , happy and wants to please his parents and teachers. mentally very strong,  He also works better and harder for teachers he likes, He has very specific career goals in line with his strengths and most important he is self motivated and excited about high school and even more excited about going to college and making money!!.

sigh…Now what more can a parent ask for. Maybe I’ll even smile thru the teen tantrums and  B’s this year 🙂