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                Teen R headed out to camp for a week. He’s beyond excited and that’s putting it mildly. I would be too if I’m going sailing, whale watching, kayaking etc., for a week in a beautiful island with a bunch of friends. We waved him off accompanied by Ms.A’s dramatic sobbing and our wide smiles  🙂  She of course soon recovered when she figured she had access to all his electronics and our undivided attention and has become quite the diva.

               The plan was to drop him off and hie home. and as usual  our plans evolved, involving us spending large sums of money and having a most wonderful impromptu vacation that extended a few days into the work week  !! such is life.

  • Flew in a Cessna over fabulous cliffs,oceans, forests. The pilot let me fly it for a while , the rush is so so awesome.
  • Went hiking again , much to Ms.A ‘s consternation.
  • The beaches and the sea pounding into the cliffs !!! dramatic, I was almost expecting Mr.Darcy to come walking up the rocks .
  • Stayed in an excellent B&B , I can safely say it was the best, most romantic, luxurious place we have ever stayed in. Oh the room, the bathroom, the breakfast, the host  – all wonderful.
  • We spent 2 hrs on the porch chatting and laughing with 4 other guests and had a great time.
  • Shopping for clothes since we didn’t pack any has now become routine.
  • Hiking and driving around Acadia national park is beyond beautiful. the ‘No service’ on our cell was the icing on the cake 🙂
  • Impromptu extending the vacation and calling work to tell them we wont be in is itself so so satisfying.

In all Acadia is a wonderland and bar harbor is the best, relaxing, and totally cut away from it all.