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In our quest for adventure ( or rather mine) , After trying out Sea kayaking, this week was Hiking. Not just  aisa-waisa hiking, a moderate / difficult hike up a 3300 Ft mountain with steep climb up boulders all the way up and a ridge of granite  right at the top . With spectacular views all around . That is if you managed to reach the top. In this quest I learnt the following..

  • It’s idiotic to take off without good research.
  • Reviews should be read BEFORE not AFTER such an outing.
  • R is amazingly patient , very fit and charmingly supportive 🙂
  • Teen R may look like a stick but his body can climb and climb and climb and eat and eat and eat !!!
  • I’m amazed at Ms.A , she did the whole hike, mountain climbing, scrambling up rocks without a complaint, she may not have the body strength but her will power is tremendous.
  • She is a very little 8 yr old who crashed half way down and had to be coaxed the rest of the way and boy can she whine.
  • After a while towards evening the bugs are immune to bug spray and proceed to eat us spray and all. Best to keep out of their way during their dinner hour.
  • I’m a very slow climber, I can walk for hours and hours in easy hills but climbing steep slopes and coming down huge boulders is not my cup of tea.
  • I enjoyed the outing, the complaining, the views, the cool breeze, sliding down the huge granite boulders , the accomplishment, awesome.
  • When I told Ms.A what an accomplishment this was she replied that She does not care for this accomplishment, she prefers the beach. — yep so do I my girl so so I

In all a fantastic day followed by a few days with unknown muscles protesting..