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             Everyone here loves beans ,especially beans with lentils aka paruppu usli.  Lately our garden is yielding plenty of beans and they are young, crisp and yummy , after eating a bunch raw we decided we were sick of that and so went back to our perennial favorite. The traditional Iyengar ( or any) style paruppu usli has more oil , which I greatly enjoy and for some reason the traditional way of making it is a time-consuming process, I however am OK to give up a wee bit of taste if it will accommodate a healthier dish and most importantly if it means I spend under 20 min in the kitchen. The kids don’t know how the oil laden original tastes so they think this is the best 🙂

            Anyway this is mainly quick due to the use of microwave, and the ingredients are as per my aunt’s recipe with the reduced red chilies. Again said Aunt is Iyengar so lets claim this as a true blue Iyengar recipe – usually called ‘paruppu arachi kalaral’ – yep a mouthful. I have tried this with a few cloves of garlic added to the Toor dal, it is not something the older ladies would ever do, but I find it tastes heavenly, The moms have gasped and told me that’s definitely not the Iyengar version , oh well too bad.

This is for Teen R who loves this and who will hopefully when he moves away look up this recipe and make it and enjoy 🙂


Green Beans – 3 -4 cups chopped finely
Toor Dal – 1 cup
Dry Red Chilli – 3
Asafoetida, Turmeric – 1/2 spn
Mustard – 1 tsp
Urad dal – 1 tsp
curry leaves – few
Salt to taste
Oil – 4 tblspn


Wash and Soak toor dal for 15-20 min( more if you remember). drain and blend coarsely with chilies, salt, asafoetida, turmeric , I use a food chopper so it doesn’t make it a paste , but even if it does  it’s not a big deal. ( garlic can be added here ). Spread the coarse paste on a plate, oil the plate a bit and microwave for about 3 min , till cooked. let it cool.

Cook chopped beans with a bit of salt and turmeric ( I usually use a microwave for 6 min and done)

Break up the cooled cooked toor dal mixture and blend / powder  , it will stick a bit and be kind of hard but whirl in the blender should powder that .

Heat a spoon of oil , add mustard ,curry leaves and Urad dal and when tempered add the powdered dal, cook for a few seconds till slightly crunchy add the cooked beans and mix well with the dal. Stir fry this for a few more min and done.

Instant or rather under 20 min paruppu usli ready.

  • I usually make the dal mixture in a large quantity and freeze a box of that ( after its stir-fried before adding the veggie)
  • I use this for green pepper, long beans, cabbage etc.,
  • For some reason i like a cup of the spicy version of this with Orange juice as a snack.