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  • Sat saw us sea kayaking  for the first time.
  • The scenery of course was fantastic, the cliffs, beaches, fishing towns, lighthouses, I don’t think there is a more beautiful place in the entire east coast, The Shore here is more than just great sand beaches, it has character. ( of course I’m biased)
  • Roses growing on rocky cliffs continue to astound me.
  • Ms.A didn’t even want to kayak, she wanted to wear her sunglasses and sit in front and be chauffeured around the ocean,
  • R had to kayak a tandem all by himself, of course he is a fairly reasonable kayaker and managed just fine in spite of comments and suggestions by Ms.A 🙂
  • Me and Teen R on the other hand probably kayaked the longest distance, what with all the zigzagging unable to maintain a straight line,
  • The right way to take the waves is at the bow, unfortunately our kayak and skills didn’t get that so for the most part we took the waves on our side and rocked like crazy.
  • The 2 guide fellas gave us a wide berth and so did the others , who fled when we went near them, it was so hilarious , me and Teen R collapsed in gales of laughter. that of course made us go further off track.
  • The only saving grace was the fact that our party had 2 others in single kayaks who veered off worse than us 🙂 so we didn’t look too incompetent, just some.
  • Teen R is a lazy sloth for most part , but when we had to come in against the tide he can kayak like a maniac, fast and furious, except it’s pretty impossible to keep the kayak straight, our strengths simply don’t match.
  • We actually came in with the rest and were fully drenched, like we took a dip in the ocean while everyone else were bone dry !!!!!
  • Ms.A didn’t understand what the fuss was about, came out of the boat in her pristine denim shorts and T-shirt with sunglasses perched perfectly up her head, while I looked like some wet wild animal.
  • Teen R can eat a lot of cookies, A LOT !!!!!
  • Teen R and Ms.A got first dibs on the bathrooms @#$%^
  • As usual Teen R went thru the hot water – how he does that with such a huge water heater is still a mystery to us.

In all a trip worth repeating, even though I can barely lift my arms now!!!! yes we are going again, but first we have to survive either Hiking up the peak or white water rapids level 4 next weekend 🙂

I tried the 5 minute artisan bread with whole wheat and barley flour and it came out perfectly, No kneading and a nice crust and a soft interior, even had all those artisan holes… It was amazing.
Now I’m going to try it with some herbs and maybe even caramelized onions . going to flood the house with bread I guess.