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                   Summer is chugging along and we’re enjoying the No homework ( my personal favorite) no schedules, warm days, vacations and the ever-present bored Kids.
Teen R has decided he NEEDS to go to an overnight adventure camp lasting at least 10 days to get away from us in the wilds . It is of course of no consequence that he wont survive hiking with a 30 lbs pack, camping outside for 10 days in a row and peeing in the wild ( he he) . But we didn’t want to dissuade or tell him he’ll be dead as a bug in 2 days so instead I reminded him of his last whitewater rafting trip and the post rafting showers ( he he) and the wonderful rustic facilities   🙂

                   Now Teen R is pretty smart with a good memory and  Riding high on the success of that trip  and learning a subtle lesson on his limitations 🙂 he decide wisely that he needed an adventure with dorm room type camp with bathrooms and showers and good food 🙂 he he live and learn my child ,live and learn..
So after some research and mad texting , He gleefully smacked us with a huge bill for Whale camp, oh yeah it’s called that. A marine biology camp when they spend their days sailing, kayaking, near the whales in the ocean and watching the tides in …… CANADA , Nova Scotia to be exact . Yes the most beautiful place on earth , but couldn’t he find one single camp he liked inside US???

This camp caters home cooked fresh organic meals made to please to the pickiest of eaters !!!!! or so it’s claimed and gets to observe closely whales, seals, dolphins,and what not and most important costs a pretty penny and joy oh joy we get to drop him off about 5 hrs from where we live.
So in all we hashed it to death and he won and so we decided we were not to be left out, we would drop him, and have our self a mini vacation and then again take time off , have a mini vacation and then pick him up 🙂 with Ms.A tormenting us .

Now comes the forms to fill and the stuff to buy, But I’m happy and proud he picked a great camp very suited to him , Although we often remind him that his parents don’t go by the name of Bill and Melissa gates, I think he’s going to have a ball and learn and have fun, Now if only he’d stay a bit away from the whales and try not to do anything stupid with his raisin size still developing frontal lobe. oh well can’t have it all. all I say to him is have fun, bathe daily, eat well, and come back with arms , legs and eyes intact.