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  • Summer is so much fun, I think I enjoy it a lot more since I know winter WILL come .
  • Trips to the beach, the long walks, not wearing a ton of layers and boots , ahh can this not end ever.
  • Going to Class III white water rafting – WITH Ms.A !!! hopefully we won’t drown her.
  • No homework / school for kids makes me feel happy , Don’t know why cause I never get involved in that.
  • I love seeing green all around, I like to see snow too but bare trees don’t do it for me.
  • We got 3 more zucchini and lots of beans harvested. – in spite of forgetting to water sometime.
  • The Indira Nooyi interview makes me feel so glad I’m not of her generation. She has succeeded in spite of the restrictions of her generation.
  • I don’t think I would have been quiet had my mom told me to get milk like a good wife if I came home with news that I became CEO. uh uh that would be cause for a huge drama.
  • I’m a princess, We celebrate every little thing 🙂 any promotion mandates a major celebration and heaven help us when we get all A’s in a term..
  • Even a teeny tiny promotion / raise is treated like I/ we made president . For gods sake we even celebrated Teen R winning a place in the student council – all he had to do was make a tiny speech , Put posters up and beg his friends to Vote for him. 🙂
  • and the recipe for Cherry lime drink.

Blend 10 cherries + a lime peeled with ice cubes and a dash of honey and bit of ginger till pulverized. Mix with Club soda…drink , cold and yummy.