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Raised bed – end of June status .

I think we’re doing good provided we don’t think about the spending money bit. We have a whole host of organic gardening additives sitting in the garage like Fish emulsion, Kaolin Clay etc., etc., We are set for a few yrs of this I think.

Harvested a bunch of cilantro and jalapeno ,waiting for the rest of the bountiful crop we’ve been expecting.. For now like good farmers we continue the weeding, Watering, checking for pests  🙂

  • Tomatoes are growing like wild, so far it’s almost 3 ft tall with baby tomatoes all over the place.
  • Eggplant growing well, lots of flowers but not an eggplant in sight . Sigh!!!
  • Zucchini plants have taken over the wall, We have 5 plants and I counted plenty of flowers ( over 20) but only about 7 baby zucchini’s – I’ll take 7 over 0 🙂
  • Cucumber plants are still baby plants no sign of the bushes they were supposed to be. I can’t for the life of me imagine we’ll get anything out of them in the next 4 months – but I’m willing to be surprised.
  • Lots of cilantro, smells so fresh so we’re using it for everything.
  • Bush beans are tall and strong and full of flowers and I can see some baby baby beans starting .
  • Green peppers had flowers and nothing more not one single pepper !!!  but Jalapeno peppers are in, 4/5 peppers per plant . The one thing we use very little off !!!

All in all very happy with this, maybe I’ll have R build a 4X4 raised bed in fall for next year , hmm my thumb is slowly turning green i think .