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                    I’m part of a gardening volunteer club at work, we work some raised beds , it’s an educational perk wherein an organic grower comes and teaches us gardening ( oh yes I’m that bad) . Plus its fun to take a mid day break and wander around plants, sampling fresh produce.

                    I then go home repeat whatever we learnt in my home garden. Oh yes the amazon bills keep coming, R is amazed at the stuff I buy, Kaolin clay, Fish emulsion, etc., etc., I’m obsessive about my vegetable garden being completely organic and tell kids ,everything is natural and they should be able to pick the produce , rinse it to get the mud out and bite into it. unfortunately that plan took a nosedive when I added the fish emulsion, it’s an oily stinky liquid mixed with water and that now coats and stinks up everything .. hopefully it washes off in a few days.

                   Anyway, We planted tons of radishes @ work in spring and its harvest time . so after making lots of Paratha’s and sambar I decide to make dal with radish leaves. In addition to radishes we harvested a bunch of garlic scapes. These are the flowering portion in garlic that needs to be trimmed so the bulb grows ( or so the farmer says) 🙂 Anyway they are like green onions with a heavy garlic flavor. so I figured I could chop and toss them in too.

                    This turned out amazingly flavorful. maybe because it was freshly harvested, organic and had not visited the refrigerator but whatever the cause I paired it with some organic Massor dal that I had it was heavenly.


2cups Radish greens (chopped)
1 cup masor dal ( or any dal I guess)
!/2 cup garlic Scapes ( could substitute with garlic cloves)
Turmeric powder, green chilies, salt to taste
Lemon juice , Cilantro to taste.
To temper
Mustard seeds, Cumin , Asafoetida ,few Garlic pods(crushed), Dry red chili


Simple really , Cook dal with turmeric , In a spoon of oil temper with mustard, chilies, garlic, cumin,asafoetida. Add garlic scapes + radish greens + green chilies + salt , let it wilt, Add dal, bring together and done. Add lemon juice and cilantro in the end.

  • Had to saute the garlic scapes since I had not bothered to take out the tough parts
  • Radish greens lose some bitterness when it’s sautéed – or so I feel.
  • I guess everything can be tossed together in the pressure cooker and once done, tempering added .
  • this stays good for a couple of days. I made this and went on a mini beach break and came home to roti and dal — ahhh heaven.