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After this week of writing happy thoughts I found

  • I take so much for granted
  • I’m basically a happy person.
  • My life has indeed been a bed of roses till now.

Having said that I don’t plan another week of this, I don’t think I can write happy thoughts without sounding blase, selfish or plain lazy 🙂

  • I seem to have reached a stage in life when I don’t need to do much, the kids are on their own. Need minimum help with their stuff. We have lots of help to clean and drive the kids around during the week etc., So I do get lots of free time to read, paint and go on long walks and eat lots of desserts .
  • Weekends are spent in a leisurely way, waking late, drinking lots of chai, relaxing walks, dinners with family, friends  and of course the ever-present laundry on Sunday nights.
  • R is probably one of few self-sufficient men I know and very capable of taking care of the kids, home and me. With minimum needs and no demands. Now me, I would have sucked as a husband and been a major pain and high maintenance man 🙂
  • I love reading books, romance, mystery, historical, garbage anything.. I need a book in my hand to relax, eat, drink, even watch TV and my Ipad is my closest companion, the best b’day gift ever !!!! Reading makes me happy.
  • R and me talk a lot , all the time , about everything on earth, people, things, kids, work, gossip everything. Especially during the daily walks, maybe that’s why I can’t climb those hills and need him to drag me up. Too much talking too little exercising. We also laugh a lot and teen R thinks we indulge in too much PDA J
  • It does look like we are both very detached from our families back home. We call and chat and visit etc., but the part where we share everything with them, call for counsel, worries, joys doesn’t seem to exist, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad. We seem to have slowly separated our family unit from the parental unit without consciously doing it. We think of our  family as R, teen R and Ms.A. Long term we always talk about it being just R and me. Again this may be selfish, but this is what makes me content. And I’m happy the parents don’t mind being just friends and not advisers, guess the other siblings keep them busy in the advisory roles.
  • I also find I could be very happy even if I didn’t have kids. Of course I love mine but I’m not a ‘need kids’ to complete my life type. R’s company makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. And that’s non-negotiable. But I can be happy alone.
  • I love my work, even with the frustrations, I’m happy I have a job , happy I earn. it’s very important for me to be self-sufficient. I love the friends at work and I don’t think I can give up work for anybody.
  • We travel a lot, I think I’d be very unhappy without that, I can’t seem to make folks back home understand why we’re always either, planning, talking about, spending money  or going on vacations. Especially to beaches 🙂

So at this point I find I’m content, happy, lazy, excited about new things at work, kids , friends  and so thankful we are all healthy with no worries. There’s always something exciting going on and I find my main source of joy are the moments spent with R, friends and kids yakking away about everything and anything.