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Day 6
Yessss almost there..

  • I realize I get great happiness in sleeping. I can sleep pretty much anytime, and I don’t feel guilty about sleeping away my time . At all 🙂
  • I had made Radish greens Dal with garlic over the weekend and ate it for dinner with crushed potato chips .. much to R’s chagrin. 🙂 the man does worry too much about my poor eating habits..
  • Teen R wanted to put posters up about his tutoring job , We did and found there were other tutors also advertising in the very crowded board  , he made sure and took great care that his poster didn’t cover up the others  🙂 I’m so happy he’s growing up fair.
  • On the drive he kept yakking about his future plans. I couldn’t hold back my smile, this child has the most bizarre ideas and plans for life.
  • Ms.A came home after field day @ school , with a loud “we all got dunked in the Nemo game” and thought it was a blast. She told me she got teen R to feel bad for her and made him carry her home from the bus stop  🙂
  • Went for desserts with a friend from college – yep late night on a Monday with chocolate , amaretto liqueur and chit-chat. hah  Life cant get any better.

I wanted to sum up everything that makes me happy but I’ll leave that for tomorrow. With his I’ve realized I’m mostly a happy person, very few things seem to dampen my happiness I’ve also found I really don’t care much for other people’s opinion and speak and do as i please.
I’ve realized I’ve got to seriously thank god for this awesome carefree life that I somehow landed 🙂