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Day 5

Sunday…. Always a happy day. Its warm and sunny here, not too hot not too cold, perfect, lazing around, long walks, grilling lunch, afternoon nap … sigh, content and sweet. sometimes I worry this is all going to change in a blink. oh well guess we’ll deal with that then 🙂

Ms. A’s  dance school annual day was today, It was a combined fundraiser for Akshayapatra, a very noble cause –  feeding the kids. We were so glad to be a part of it. It was to be a long day since there were professional musicians etc., and so many many practices, stage rehearsals, dressing etc., I think I complained the most about it being such a long day for Ms.A, 12 hour day for a  3 min performance seems excessive but then I’ve got to say, the full show was spectacular, beautiful, fast paced and professional. so I take back all the bitching i did and the complaining about waking early and the ‘ Is this necessary’ talk, and bow to the most wonderful dance teacher Ms.A has and her professionalism and grace and more than anything her planning. and boy did she plan and she was so particular about starting exactly at 4pm, and she did. I’m amazed and happy that she’s teaching Ms.A not only dance but discipline, the value of time, value of money and honor and so glad that Ms.A gets to be part of this family. I hope she continues this however much it may be painful for me 🙂

  • Now coming to the actual work part 🙂 oh there is that too. Ms.A was so excited about …..Makeup !!! oh yes, that’s what excites 8 yr olds. Lipstick and eye makeup 🙂 and oh glitter !!!!
  • After squirming like a wet rat ( she does not stay still) I managed the face, lipstick and succeeded after about 3 tries with the eyes . Now if she continues with this dance thing I have to either learn eye makeup fast or drug her to stay still and I’m known to have a very steady hand. v v steady.
  • At the end after all the effort she looked like she was in a fight right before she entered the stage, can’t be helped i guess, 8 yr olds cannot stay still, so we smiled and watched her group perform.
  • I swear I didn’t see the actual dance, they have such dazzling unpretentious smiles, that everyone noticed only their faces. gap toothed smiles, trying their best  to contort and thoroughly enjoying it.
  • The seniors were of course beyond wonderful. I never thought I would be truly entertained through 3 hrs of classical dance. but I’m pleasantly surprised and so is R.
  • And the post dance hugging, like they won the Olympics. 🙂
  • I think I should stop now and not go through the torture of getting all the stuff off her and getting her showered. After a long day and a good show, when the adrenaline stops and Ms.A crashes, it is not a pretty sight 🙂

Thankfully  R and Teen R were there and mostly I thank Steve Jobs and his wonderful IPHONE and apps , we survived long enough to get through her shower, dinner and bed. That is one heck of an invention.

in all a happy satisfying day.