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Day 4

Ahh late with the posting. But it was the weekend.  I wonder if weekends should be counted int his challenge, since I’m always happy during the weekend… but anyway here goes..

  • Woke up late , it was great lounging in bed till the call for chai ready came — happy happy .
  • Long walks do make me happy, after this 1.5 hr walk around the lake I’m so glad I live in these picturesque place.
  • Had a fight with teen R of course that didn’t make me happy made me mad but the fact the bumbling teen decided to make guacamole and chips for me to pacify me made me happy ..I’m not going to rant about how he totally ruined a good avocado in the process !!!
  • Tomorrow is Aditi’s big day @ dance, and a long one, I’m so happy dance class is getting over soon.. yay no more sat morning class for a while.
  • When we moved here from MI we didn’t know many people and I’m so so lucky that we bought a house in this fabulous neighborhood, I’ve made such fun caring friends and life’s been so much brighter with the ladies. This is a perfect fit for us. The dinners, laughs, chai sessions and just simply sidewalk chats .
  • Of course I shouldn’t say this all the time but not cooking dinner makes me happy, eating the tasty cooked by spouse dinner + Mojito  makes me even more happier

In all a great sat and my plants are still thriving, growing, nothing dead and even flowers in the pepper plants .. WTH !!!life’s good.