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Day 3

This is hard, Not the being happy part, but the writing part. I don’t think I can write meaningful deep  lists and at the same time I don’t want to read this 20 yrs from now and think how shallow I was.

  • Had a wonderful chat with a friend for 1 hr, reminiscing about our single days and the fun bad stuff we did.
  • Had an amazing meal of eggplant curry. And I don’t remember how I made it, I threw a bunch of stuff in, powdered it and added to the cooking eggplant and it was done.
  • Went to the store to get some baby gifts for a colleague’s shower and Ms. A tagged along since she had a gift card to redeem, and she found a purse – yep a terrible neon pink one for 2bucks…seriously who sells cute purses so cheap. We were at the counter when we found out the price and we spontaneously dropped everything, told the checkout guy to bag it and keep it and rushed back to the purse area and bought 7 of them in all available colors 🙂  yes we now have tiny sling bags in the most god awful colors ranging from neon pink to blue to purple to a very bright peach and we are so so happy.
  • R looked horrified when Ms. A displayed them but recovered v v quickly and claimed they were lovely and maybe she should buy shoes to match!!!!
  • I was told by R while leaving for work that if I wore nothing but one of the purses to work, people would still notice only the purse. Huh there’s a thought 🙂
  • Had a Baby shower at work , the to be dad was so surprised and pleased and happy ,   and then we regaled him with delivery horror stories , he looked kinda pale but we all had great fun. Most of us in the team have teenagers and so everyone hit the baby stores en masse.  The men in the team actually bought the cuter gifts  🙂
  • Plenty of really good leftover veggie pizza and salad from the shower… Yessss,  dinner is all set.
  • Going to a late night girls dessert party tonight , looking forward to chocolate, wine and great friends . Leaving at 9pm will we come back today ?? he he he

So in all a good time.