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  • Slept late and did not want to wake up, but Teen R has to get the Bus, so while I was  complaining in my mind about motherhood and all , R stopped by the bed and said ‘ go back to sleep I’ll see him off’, extra 45 Min of sleep . Yessssss
  • Teen R came stomping up in 15 min to my room and wanted to know if I was sick, then reassured that I was not dying without planning his dinner menu 🙂 , he gave me a hug and said, don’t worry I packed my lunch and put in eye drops for the allergies ok. Ahh now I can really go back to sleep in peace.
  • 6 more days of school left before summer vacation…9 more days till we escape to a mini break at the beach. Just the thought of that makes me want to dance.
  • Driving to work and realized R has put in a new playlist in my IPOD of all my latest favorites. Perked me right up.
  • Came in to work , boss out on PTO, No fires to put out, rest of the team all happy happy planning a surprise baby shower for the newest – to be daddy of the team.
  • Have subzi and roti atta mixed for dinner and thinking I have to just make rotis and we’re all set, till R texts me saying he’s going home early to drop teen R off for some meeting, so he’ll make dalia  and will pick up ice cream ,  I should just  go home have a cup of chai and relax and so we can go for a nice long walk later.
  • I have a new book that I reserved at the library all ready waiting for me and a cup of chai.
  • I realized I am a pampered princess. Life is indeed good.

And, the day is not even over yet 🙂 🙂