Can I really jot down everything that makes me happy for 1 week,  with no rants??


  • Teen R (yep it has to start with him) has a  school trip today,had his breakfast and left. Then turned at the corner and waved to show me has no Backpack 🙂 ah the joy of going to school with no books.
  • Ms. A wore her new summer dress, it’s a simple cotton lime green and white frock and she came out accessorized to her eyeballs with lime green belt, hair clips, bracelets, necklace, matching nail polish and shoes!!!! That child is a fashion statement all by herself.
  • All my veggie and flowers are thriving – how I don’t know how but it is.  YAY !!!
  • Teen R leaves, Ms. A still snoozing, R exercising with old Hindi songs running in the background and I have a cup of hot tea and my iPad book waiting, green trees outside, birds chirping, can it get better.
  • Went to a lunch with friends at work and laughed nonstop for 45min
  • Come home from work to find hot Chai waiting. Ah bliss
  • Spent 2 hours pastel painting at the studio giggling with good friends and relaxing music.
  • Late night walk with R, holding hands and laughing. A perfect end to the day.