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It’s the time for high school graduations , hence attending graduation parties has become a full-time weekend job. I see their bright shiny happy faces anticipating their future and I want to go to college too. The parties in themselves are awesome, good food, nice company, no work what’s not to like 🙂 invariable talk comes around to whose kid is going where and doing what and then the wheels in my mind start churning.
So in my confused mind…..

  • I want my kids to pick majors that have good job opportunities preferable STEM, At the same time I want them to take courses in art, history, literature etc.,
  • But not too much to make me paranoid they are going to be jobless painters when they get out Sigh!!!
  • R is a math and Physics addict, but I worry he wont get over his disinterest for ARTS , I want him to take courses in literature, art appreciation etc., he thinks I’m nuts. but he loves social studies but only civics and world history ( more so the bloody wars I guess)
  • I don’t understand how parents are OK with kids picking 17th century painting as their major knowing fully well they might struggle to support themselves later, shouldn’t that be a hobby? at the same time I want my kids to make their choice and tell them I’ll support them whatever it is.
  • I torment teen R and make him dance ,he probably thinks I’m a bit loony anyway, so he dances with me for a while and nods when I tell him that men who dance well are very attractive . At the next breadth tell him not to have sex till he’s 18 and be very careful even after that. He hastily reassures me he has no such plans. the lecture moves to the ills of drugs, alcohol and alcohol induced sex till R comes along and rescues the poor guy.
  • I tell MS.A that math and science is important for everything in life and then turn around and tell her ,her music and dance is very important too and on to I’m OK with whatever she chooses to be .
  • My head almost explodes when she tells me she wants to be a baby sitter and I ask her a million questions as to why she can’t aim to be astronaut or president instead. and move on to how doing useless majors wont get her much money and although making money is not important and doesn’t make one happy it really is necessary for her to be independent, till again R and comes rescues her and reminds me she is just 8.

I seriously need to shut up and let them grow up and make their own choices . I didn’t give my own college choices this much thought.  that’s why I hate graduations, it makes my mind spin….ugggh need a vacation.