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Raised bed Garden is making progress or so I think.

  • Bean plants have come up and looks healthy, the 2nd crop is in , should start seeing them come out in a few days.
  • Tomato cages are in and along with zucchini are growing like weeds 🙂 yay
  • Eggplant is growing but looks kind of sad 😦 it’s a wait and see thing.
  • Peppers / cilantro/ lemon balm are ok,
  • Cucumbers are growing V V slowly, I have no idea why, they are in the same type of soil but while the zucchini are going like they are on steroids these are stunted and tiny ( maybe they are dwarf varieties??) oh well it’s only 3 weeks  and R says I can’t start obsessing so soon.

Weeding is a pain and so is watering , yes , the initial flush has worn off this gardening thing, the weather is good, I’d much rather be walking or lounging on the Newly stained deck with a cup of tea and book (I discovered Julie Garwood  ) But after the effort R put in, I’m determined to see this to the end of summer, and plant fall crops too!!!!

  • Both Ms.A and teen R won’t help.

Me: guys come weed the veggie patch

Ms.A: No thanks, it’s got bugs and I don’t like the smell.

Me: Its compost and organic. Its good stuff

Ms.A: I don’t care it stinks. Ask dada.

Me:  Teen R come on, you have a green thumb, and if I do this alone I’ll kill them all.

Teen R: ha ha good try mom, but no thanks.

Me: #$%^ unhelpful teenager!! @#$%^ if these die do you know how much money will get wasted.

Teen R:  Good thing you have money mom, we can go buy from the farm 🙂 but try dad, he’ll do it.

 And just like that poor R, the lovely man is now my gardening helper.

On a brighter note, the deck is stained in a bright new adobe red shade , blindingly cheerful and we love it. has nice flowering plants in beautiful pots, now the flowers have to co-operate and not die. I think we need a fire-pit!!! the trees all around are full with lots of shade and the stream is gurgling, can life get any better 🙂