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  • The raised bed is coming along, all 25 bean seeds have sprouted and baby plants are growing .. yay.
  • Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, zucchini and cucumbers are in. Isolated the cucumbers and zucchini to a bed since they will grow like the wild and take over all the space.
  • Now have to do the 2nd row of beans – for a longer  crop, and all this is thanks to Google ,where we get our font of information 🙂
  • Daily we water the plants and take turns peering at the leaves and inspecting them for disease, bugs etc., – Funny since we  have no clue as to what we are looking for 🙂
  • Next task is to build a fence with netting, teen R saw deer yesterday, which is NOT a good sign, they love young plants.

Now coming to Ms.A , she is as usual on a roll with her questions, this child can drain you, she is beyond outspoken and could do with some restraint in thought,word and action . Unfortunately looks like she inherited the worst of those genes from me.

Ms.A : As her brother is hungrily looking forward to eating butter chicken I just bought,
Ms: Is the gravy in the butter chicken made of chicken blood ??? 
Me: no tomatoes .
Ms: Did they kill the chicken by shooting it or stabbing it. and how did they peel the skin off? 
you go girl — Way to kill his appetite.
Ms.A  to her dad 
Ms A :You are not really part of our family.
R      : What!!! of course I am , I’m your dad
Ms A : yes but you are not our same blood
R     : of course I am , I’m YOUR DAD.
Ms A : Nope me ,mom and Ro are of the same blood. We came from her tummy, you’re a stranger , not our blood. huh huh…
Thereby leaving teen R and R dumbfounded!!!  yes she really is a bit too young for the  ” How are babies made ” talk.
There was talk of a cousin passing away and ms.A the ever curious pipes in
Ms.A : Was  he 100 mom ( the cousin who died)
me : No 50.
Ms.A : I thought people died at 100 yrs, 
Me: There’s no set age . he was sick.
Ms.A : so dad can die too if he gets sick..
R : What!! no I don’t plan to. I take care of my health
Ms.A : but you could right? 
R : I wont,  don’t worry baby ok.
Ms.A : oh I’m not worried . We’ll just  have to get another dad if you die. we can can’t we.
R : well no need to discuss that, I don’t plan to die now.
ms A : but I want to be prepared…and proceeds to bring her diary
Ms A : I have to  find a dad to give me back rubs at night and brush my teeth. Do you have a list of people from whom I can choose dad ?
R : what, a list of my replacements !!!
Ms A: yes, don’t you want to also decide ??
R : enough.. go away, I don’t want to find my replacement, this is not a job.
Ms.A : OK we’ll discuss it when you are in a better mood… 

We really didn’t know what to say. She didn’t seem to affected by death, or worried about her dad dying so we let it go with a reassurance that we are all well . How does one handle these questions, especially the morbid ones .

No answers but one thing i know — this child will surely kill me by the time she turns 21.