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This is a thick crunchy Adai/pancake that I hated as a child but seem to relish nowadays. The reason I call it Iyengar style is because I’ve tasted it elsewhere and it tasted different. of course I loved that version too, ( whats not to like in a crunchy semi fried snack) but since I only have access to my mom’s/MIL’s style recipe, both of them being Iyengars hence I call it the Iyengar version. Now one might ask what is the difference between this Adai and the regular one. Well, I’m not blessed with so much culinary insight, from what I can tell this is crisper, thicker and just tastier ( to me)

I vaguely remember my grandma making this, I also remember it tasted FANTASTIC. she’s no more and I don’t think she passed on the thavala adai secret to my mom. so we make do with the best we have. 🙂 and if my mom the great cook reads this or hears of this post, I’m in for it. 🙂
Anyway R is not too enamored of this , too much oil ( of which I refuse to use, therby trying my lowfat technique and killing the joy) , too time consuming and simply too Iyengar for his tastes I guess. Ms.A loves it. fried, crunchy – yes !! we are all for it. Teen R being a teen will probably eat the ingredients raw if I gave it to him. but here goes.


Raw rice – 2 cups
Thur dhal – 3/4 cup
Bengal gram (kadalai paruppu) – 3/4 cup
Urad dhal – 1/2 cup – a tad less than the other 2.
Asafoetida – to taste
Jeera – 1 teaspoon
pepper – powdered to taste
Curry leaves
Sour curd – 1 cup
Salt to taste
Oil- 3tbsp (the original recipe calls for liberal use)

Soak dals together in water for couple hrs , soak rice separately for half an hr, dry and Coarsely grind to a rava like powder . Mix with yogurt + salt+ asafoetida. rest for couple hrs.
Drain and blend dals to a coarse powder/paste
Add to the rice mixture + jeera+ pepper + curry leaves and done.
Take a thick pan (kadaai) and heat it in low flame ,Add a spoon of oil , Add a thick layer of batter in the pan. Add oil around the batter . Close with a lid and cook for 5 min ( lots of patience is required)
Flip the dosa, Add 1 spoon oil ( see — the copious use of oil)
Close and cook for 4- 5 min .
Its done when crunchy and yummy .

  • Needs a ton of patience
  • I’ve seen that smaller dosas work better
  • This done per original recipe is a large thick dosa. Thin it if you want it to go faster.
  • Electric pancake pan alone DOES NOT work. I use the pancake pan , covered and then transfer to a cast iron thava for that crunchy adai flavor.
  • If the batter is pulverized too much to a paste then you can wave bye bye to thavala adai and simple go for adai’s, it needs to be big rava type batter.
  • Its pretty quick to do in the vitamix but it can also pulverize it in a heartbeat, so needs to be watched very carefully.