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              I was going to post a Pav Bhaji recipe, Teen R loves this dish, which is very surprising, since he considers eating vegetables that too so many a bad thing. To top this he is also a Spice wimp like me .  so It’s surprising he loves Pavbhaji and the poor thing can’t tell the original from whatever I churn up, so he eats it up as long as there are onions on top and a wedge of lime to go along with the reddish mush I produce 🙂 Eats it with some Portuguese buns.

                I use  Pav bhaji Masala and spices  bought from a Chat wallah in Pune (Murali) and he has a crowd 3 deep daily , I follow a recipe I got from him to a T . so I consider my version authentic and Teen R and R follow with their praise. so I decided  to post the recipe  for teen R for when he’s left home and craving Pav Bhaji (unlikely) till…

                    My dear friend K came back from India with some Pav Bhaji , oh yes she’s an enterprising one, She goes to Chowpatty the day before she leaves , gets Pav bhaji in small packs, freezes them , packs them in insulated material  and brings them over, the flight at  that altitude keeps it frozen. ( ingenious isn’t it and so much patience).

                Anyway i was the recipient of one such packet and so to compare and gloat on how wonderful my homemade learnt from Murali version tastes and oh how much healthier .. I thawed, heated up the germ laden deal tasted a spoon  and …

Decided it was a true sacrilege to post my recipe. It was no where close to the authentic one. NOT even in the same planet. ooh the Chowpatty version was yummy, terrific, tangy and a complex mix of wonderful flavors,  NOTHING matches the original street version germs and all. so no point really posting the recipe. Next time I’m going with the buying from Murali, freezing and bringing method, 100% fool-proof . Provided you travel in winter time and get quick connecting flights. Till then any old version of Pav Bhaji on Google is as good as the other.