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                      Teen R was talking to me about a trip he wanted to go to this summer with friends, It was for a couple of days and cost a bomb . As usual I ignored the self-centered teen part and enthusiastically agreed . It is after all only money and he’ll go away to college in 4 yrs ( and we’ll be free)  and after that he’ll be poor for a really long time  , I kind of base most of my decisions these days on this fact . my friends tell me that he  could decide to go to  one of the gazillion universities in our own state and torture me on a weekly basis with demands for food and laundry services. But I’m an optimist and firmly believe he will leave home and fly free !!!

I was chatting with Teen R id I told him what fun I had in summer especially in NCC when I went on those trips to Delhi and trekking in kullu manali for a month all  free of cost !!! and what all mischief I got up to minus parental control. (didn’t mention the really risky ones) and how much I want him to experience that.

There are quite a few adventure camps around here , the rafting, hiking, running wild kind.. and I guess being 14 he wants to go away and have some fun on his own.. so all excited and eyes shining he was talking about what he and his friends would do  without parental supervision and  I thought back to my days and… oh boy did it scare the heck outta me. He went on and on and …  I realized my Son is Tame, really really Tame. here’s kind of his list..

  • Stay up late – maybe all night long ( which can be done in his room 🙂 , i m not the kind to watch him sleep)
  • Eat Junk all the time
  • Miss a shower ( ewwww)
  • Swim all day long ( yet hates to take a shower??)
  • Eat more  junk  – eat only candy ( yes this is an oft repeated theme)
  • Not brush at night ( this ought to make his orthodontist happy)
  • Not keep his room / stuff  clean ( oh well not my house)
  • Eat in bed ( Sigh  .. Pig)
  • Sneak off into the night with friends ( to where in the godforsaken woods?? and do what?? )

It went on in this vein , basically live like a slob and eat junk… and to think of the all the REALLY bad things he could do out there. What is wrong with this child?

I mean c’mon I can think up about 10 things on top of my head that would give parents the hives. being the nosy kind I  overheard the teens conversation and for good measure spied on his texts too  🙂  plus for some reason teens think you turn deaf while driving, they gab away in the back ( over the music) . hello, I only have to keep my eyes on the road idiots, my hearing is just fine… anyway, I found he runs with a tame geeky crowd that can’t even think up bad things to do !!! half the time the conversation rolls around to grades, teachers ( oh the horror stories)  , gossip  (oh yes they do)  and meanders to sports to girls ( Yessss)  and comes screeching back to grades and how said girl although kinda pretty is not too bright ( huh)  seriously what the heck is wrong with these boys. or  maybe I WAS a really really bad rebellious teen.

oh well not to worry , Ms.A is his polar opposite . I’m sure she’ll more than make up for teen R’s tameness. She can already think up scary things and she’s only 8.