Sunday was Ms.A’s first dance recital, although a 2 min group deal, if someone peeked into our life sun afternoon, they would have thought she was preparing to star in a major Broadway production or she was preparing for war. The excitement was running high  , since she would be wearing makeup 🙂 yup especially eye makeup huh.

Since mom had no clue how to makeup the eye let alone anything else for that dance style, a friend aunty was called in for tutoring. In all it took about an hour of dressing + an hour of waiting and fixing and heightened excitement with 8 girls + an hour  of getting the gunk off her face and changing and  putting stuff away etc., etc for a 2 MIN PERFORMANCE !!!!!!!

I hope this is done one or twice a year, I don’t think I have the patience or tolerance  for more. We realized a little girl dancing is a great deal more involved than say a boy playing piano or dancing  , way more annoying too. The crowd was as usual our typical desi crowd, the lesser said the better.

There’s no point in ranting  but I’ve decided from next time to

  • Go very early very.
  • scope out and sit down in a spot where I can record
  • Not budge out till everyone leaves
  • Hence saving my arms, legs and body from being stampeded on.


  • Take lip stick little kids eat lip stick in about 5 min.
  • Take hair pins , Some girls are not the calmly sit in one place kind and like to do cartwheels inappropriately.
  • Not relying on a teen to record said event , A teen brother is probably the most unreliable source we could use to record the event.

As  for the audience….I dont even want to go there. Chaos was the word of the day closely followed by Stampede, we finished the dance and Fled !!!!

It was fun , tiring and followed by dinner in peace and quiet after the show. in all a nice day i guess, but please just lets do this once in a rare while.