• Over Ripe bananas sitting on the counter makes me antsy.
  • Mixing overripe bananas and Mava to make banana halva is a bad idea. Just plain mashed bananas work best.
  • But having made the bad halva, everyone needs to eat it – can’t waste food.
  • The house smells of overripe bananas – ugggh.
  • Lighting lovely rosehip and lavender candles has absolutely no effect on the smell.
  • Rose- sandalwood Agarbatthi has a lovely smell but mixed with ripe bananas and rose candles — sigh !!! a bit too much
  • Obsessing about said smells and opening windows in 32F weather is another not so great idea.
  • Obsessively spraying neutralizing spray – cotton wood smell makes it beyond terrible.
  • Going out for lunch  leaving the windows open and coming back to a cold, crisp  yet neutral smelling house – makes it all better 🙂

I have OCD and more I think about something the more obsessive I get .  that’s why I spend minimum time at home, I’m constantly cleaning, lighting candles , enjoying the ambience then making some dish,  and redoing the cleaning and lighting candles – vicious circle.

Hence I hate working from home.