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I love Rice, I need at least a serving of rice daily. But for some reason I can’t stand coconut rice – at all. I can tolerate lemon rice and tamarind rice on rare occasions, and yet I decide to go make Mango rice. and I loved it.  So I’ve decided mango rice and tomato rice are great the rest can be easily ignored. so decided to store the recipe for these 2. that way when my kids read and learn to cook, they can make these 2 dishes and send them to me???

Our local grocery had a huge green mango, which I happily bought and then once home decided it was way to painful to sit and grate the Mango. Kids fled especially when they realized what the end product was going to be – all rice haters. so I decided to chop it into chunk and blend in my trusted vitamix. Which is a great plan but next time I’ll go easy on the water. It was a pain to get the paste to a dry enough state to mix with rice. oh well we live and learn. next time I’d also add a bit more ginger . In all this tastes much better the next day, perfect for lunch and lazy people like us  who cook in advance for a week.

Cooked Rice – 1.5 cups
Raw mango (skin peeled and grated) – 1 cup or alternately cut into chunks to be blended later.
Coconut – 2 tbsp
green chilies  – 2
Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp
Tempering – Channa dal ,Urad dal, Mustard seeds ,Dry red chillies,Hing(Asafoetida), curry leaves
Peanuts – 2/3 tbsp
Turmeric powder – a pinch (optional)
Cilantro to garnish

Blend  mango pieces, coconut and chilies to a coarse paste . Or grate (which needs a lot of patience)
Heat oil in a pan, add tempering stuff and finally peanuts. roast till the peanuts turn slightly browned.
Add the ground paste and saute until It’s a bit dry . Add salt and keep sauteing until it collects to thick pulp when oil oozes out slightly.
Add cooked rice to this paste  and Done.

  • I’d go easy on the water while blending the raw mango or its a liquidy mess.
  • next time I’d add a bit of ginger and maybe mint, I think I’ll like that flavor even more.
  • mango can be grated instead of blending it.
  • Apparently if you add a bit more coconut it is called Mango coconut rice ( Manga thengai sadam)
  • I’m assuming cashew nuts could replace peanuts.