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Yesterday was shivarathri and  teen R was born on shivrathri ,hence his Star birthday and I figured it was a good time to  plead with god to give him some ‘ buddhi and Dhimaag’  🙂 so Finished up the HW, bath, dinner scene at home and took off with a  friend late for some Shivrathri prayers  at our nearby temple  and  to some peaceful time .

  • First The crowd was a killer but that’s the fun right !!!
  • Parking a few buildings down and walking in the freezing cold and snow dressed inappropriately for the weather, all part of the charm.
  • Coat room was just indescribable, We had to fight our way in and stomp over many layers of shoes and then found all racks on top empty !!! Yessss
  • Then found a seat in the hall and the abhisek started.
  • After a series of milk,curd, honey etc., Priest announced that everyone could do abhisek and boy was it a mob scene.
  • So we decided to sit in front and watch the fun. It was past 9pm, nothing better to do, might as well get entertained.
  • As usual the scene was normal for us,  Push, shove and generally act like the shiv – lingam is going to run away with all the milk.
  • A few sane people were pleading with folks to sit down, form a line etc., etc., eh no chance.. we are like that only, selfish, with no disciple or rational thought .
  • Then Heard a couple of women ( girls??) loudly requesting that they be let in to the platform ( priority service) since they have to go to work early tomorrow !!
  • We were sitting right below and I couldn’t resist tugging at her salwar and asking her what time she had to go to work.  yes I’m mean like that.
  • Then there was a man who was loudly claiming his toddler son was tired ,crying and cranky and so could they go first, of course you dummy, the child is 3 ( if) , hungry and probably up way past his bedtime , in a crowded, loud room with the stereo blaring mantras and people shoving him, what did you expect . should you be even subjecting your child to this. oh well your child your choice.
  • Some organizer let him on the platform , that set the rest of the child toting people mob the entrance ( see I told ya bad idea..)
  • Then came the pregnant women clutching their bellies ( of course you’re also  tired  and hungry my  dears)
  • soon there were 3 lines , one regular , one for the pregnant women and young kids and one for the elderly and only 1 entrance to the platform… ohhh what fun.
  • So, we decided to hit up for prasad since the crowd  was otherwise occupied fighting to get on the platform and got all our dinner in a leisurely manner and brought it back ( of course we didn’t eat it before the abhisek – we know, we know, the protocol)
  • After about 40 min of wild awesome entertainment the hall was empty – I mean not a soul the poor priest holding milk pots looking around while the mob descended on the canteen.
  • So we had time to leisurely pour cup after cup of milk begging and pleading with lord shiva to give our teens some little bit of  brains, begging for more patience on our part and generally asking for great health, more money, more vacations ( might as well while you have his undivided attention).
  • Came  back to our already picked up food and had a nice prasad all the while hearing the mob in the next room ( cafeteria) and feeling all kinds of sympathies for the volunteers.

All in all a fun night, punyam and entertainment rolled into one .