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Just got back from Costa Rica, That is PARADISE. truly paradise.
It has

  • Fully restored my faith in god –  definitely some higher power created such great beauty.
  • The low population keeps it beautiful – 3 million!!!
  • The food beyond amazing.
  • I’m quite done with plantains, baked, fried, roasted, chips et all.
  • The blue waterfalls, trees and bright birds — sigh !!! how come Yash Chopra give this one a miss is beyond me.
  • I had bollywood songs running thru my head when I saw beautiful rivers, mountains, greenery, especially old songs.
  • The beaches are to simply to Die for.
  • No need for snorkeling, just stand in knee-deep water and watch the sea life go by.
  • Getting nibbled on by various things in the water is a bonus.
  • Next time I’m going for 10 days , spending them in mountains, cloud forests, volcanoes and beaches.
  • This is after I earn a ton of money , CR does not come CHEAP.
  • And  no KIDS either.. they can go on their own dime 🙂
  • It truly is a bird watchers paradise .
  • No need to go to the birds , they come to  you – irrespective of if you want them to or not
  • Howler monkeys and iguanas, and plate sized butterflies are seriously scary.
  • Zip lining above the canopy is truly exhilarating.
  • Ms.A is a daredevil. teen R is seriously not fond of heights.
  • The rain forest is a living breathing amazing entity, very living, a bit too much actually.
  • The hot springs are amazing, 22 at one shot is way too much choice.
  • Never jump into a hot spring without testing water temperature, however desperate you may be.
  • Volcanic mud bath – never again, it took 2 days to get the rotten egg stink out – sorry airplane neighbors.
  • Watching the sunset drinking coconut laced with alcohol drinks is out of the world.
  • The alcohol induced buzz  helps ignore the bugs while walking back. can’t feel a thing till next morning.
  • SPF70 is no match for the beach sun, burnt to a crisp, guess that should teach me to listen to the locals and wear a hat and cover-ups.. oh well too late.

Now back to reality and the cold, sigh!!!!!