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           I’m a sweet lover, I can eat anything sweet, but not oatmeal, especially the fake flavored ones. so I cook mine with water , added yogurt, salt, chilies and Asafoetida and that was that… simple and yummy.

           Then I came across something in the web about Ramadan and nonbu kanji , and I remember our neighbor in MDU giving me this – albeit those days I didn’t mind a bit of shredded chicken in them. It was excellent along with pakoras and masal vadas. I don’t know why this was the combination but this is what I remember along with the fact that the said neighbor had 2 very good-looking sons 🙂 VERY.

Anyway I started searching for nonbu kanji recipes and saw plenty with various variations and vegetarian to boot and one of them suggested diabetics could use oats instead of rice. The original calls for broken rice and lentils . I dropped the lentils , ignored the sauteing and onions added in veggies and this is super good . I think the coconut is the key.

Teen R – the oats hater didn’t even ask what was in it, although to be fair I pulverized his in the Vitamix and presented it as Soup . Ms.A loved it as is.
I think lots of different  veggies can be added in, this is a  go to snack/dinner option from now on. This truly takes about 5 min prep time and 10 min in the cooker . and healthy to boot. Can be made in the stove top or a good candidate for the slow cooker I suppose.


Oats – 1 cup
Garlic – 5
Carrot – chopped 1/4 cup
green beans –  chopped 1/4 cup
tomato – chopped 1/4 cup
Fennel –  1/2 spn crushed
Cloves – 1 or 2 crushed
bay leaf – 1
curry leaves a few
green chilies/ salt to taste
coconut milk – 1/2 cup


Quite simple really, toss everything except the coconut milk in the pressure cooker and cook for a few steam vents. Take out bay leaf, mash . Add the coconut milk, heat and enjoy.

  • I  blend 1/4 cup coconut in my blender and add the whole pulverized liquid. If I’m very lazy I add a few spoons of coconut milk powder and mix well.
  • This is very filling and is a great lunch option if you like your lunch soupy with some toast.