Will this sound amusing or will I think I  was amazingly lazy  if I read this 15 yrs from now …. while I’m  hopefully Lounging in a beach chair ocean side , retired somewhere….

  • Made Spinach, tomato, lentil, chickpea soup . or rather tossed all of it in the crock and pot and left. came back to vile tasting gunk. Must have  tossed in mustard and collard greens instead of spinach. ugghhh
  • Decided not to waste it , so blended it and mixed atta to make parathas… which smelled really weird ,  so settled for egg white omelet ,tomato and cheese sandwiches.  could have done that right at the start 🙂
  • Today’s attempt is oat, ragi paniyarams , Idea for paniyaram goes to M’s blog. Urad dhal and oats ground and fermenting, sprouted ragi powder soaked in buttermilk tadka  waiting to be added. hmm cant murder that can I.
  • I regularly scour blogs especially food blogs and am amazed by the sheer amount of effort that goes in making a daily meal,  Some exceptional folks make up to 4 dishes every night and wholesome and healthy too. why cant I do that? or more important, how can one make Roti, dal, subzi, salad, rice + something special every single evening.
  • I feel like I’m wasting my evening if I have to stay in the kitchen for more than 20 min. The 20 min it takes to make kitchdi OR roti ( 12 to be exact) + heat up one of the subzis already made.
  • After introspection I’ve decided it’s the lack of appreciative consumers that makes me not want to exert myself. They simply don’t care if they get 2 dishes or 20, so where’s the incentive.
  • I aim for 2 healthy dishes at dinner  and  R hits the spot with smoothies and kills us with fruits/veggies and protein packed nutrition. This I consider a great feat. god such low standards..
  • Come spring , gets worse we survive on smoothies, shakes, salads, wraps, soup , grilling whatever , each man to himself while i take leisurely walks and soak up the outdoors with a book or simply gazing at the greenery and amazingly i feel no guilt.  huh must be getting too old to care.