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The source of this Idea is of course S Periamma , who uses the strangest leaves, plants, seeds to make delicious stuff. A Very adventurous cook. Every time I see her or talk to her she tells me what she tried that day  and for a rice, roti, dal person like me it’s like exotic cuisine. unfortunately I’m not adventurous cook not very inclined to spend hours in the kitchen so I simple bring back what she makes and enjoy it 🙂

This past December when we met her she had cranberry thokku ready , which tasted amazingly good with dosa. hence it was promptly parceled  🙂  She also made some chutney with young mango leaves !!!  that is a story for another day and one which makes me feel like a cow but very tasty I must say.

Anyway I read about the benefits of cranberries , bought a bag of organic cranberries  and started looking for recipes, with Visions of delectable cranberry based desserts in my head. Till I figured out there’s no way to use up 2 pounds of tart cranberries in dessert without killing  it with butter, sugar and what not . Plus the effort that goes into making those things – Oh lord,  so in a bit to save the expensive bag I trawled the net , spoke to periamma and found this, A mishmash of various recipes and ideas and I have to say, very tasty , rolled up in a roti or slathered on toast. and hopefully healthy too. Teen R seems to relish it but then he’s on a growth spurt so will probably eat the plastic bag if I gave it to him.


6 cups cranberry (The canned wont work , frozen , unsweetened  might be OK )
Mustard seeds
Lotsa curry leaves
1/2 tsp asafetida
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste
chilly powder based on spice level
2 tsp of sesame oil ( our very own idhayam nalla ennai)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder


Quite simple really , Heat oil in a pan.  add the mustard seeds. When they splutter, add the curry leaves. and then  asafoetida, salt, sugar and turmeric. ( yes sugar – no it doesn’t make it sweet), stir for a few min. Add the fresh cranberry. Stir till cranberries are well coated . after 10 min the berries will pop. After about 20 min they’ll be mush and really it takes the time it takes. just stir once in a while and leave it till it becomes a homogenous mass. Guess this can be blended to make it a puree, but I like it as is. all done.

  • Have no idea how long this lasts, so far it’s been fine for a month in the refrigerator. I guess if I see fuzzy growth I toss it out.
  • Very good with dosa, idli, rice, bread  and for wraps.