Late Jan/ Early Feb  is the time when the cold gets to me, So i pay to a visit to imaginary sunny land ..AKA indoor gardening hotspots , I have this vision of summer and fabulous vegetables and flowering plants surrounding me.
Every  spring i start a garden, I love to garden , great exercise and ever since have our home been gardening, going on over 14 yrs now and let me say I’m a Prolific Killer.  Then I figured that it was expensive to buy grown plants, plant them, water them  and then slowly kill them so Maybe we should start from seed.

Teen R helps, he loves to garden and seems to have a green thumb. so we find a nice warm south-facing window, start peat pots and seedlings and Take great care ( I do) , Teen R throws the seed it , waters ( sometimes) and pretty much ignores it. and he grows beautiful lush plants. Mine wilt and die or are so sickly looking they die on transplant  😦

Anyway now that we have the expertise of Teen R , I use him, he plants the baby plans in May , tosses some soil on top and rarely remembers to water them and yet, he gets the humongous zucchini and tons of tomatoes and me !!!! last year I slaved over 14 green bean plants and I got grand total of 31 beans and not even at the same time… While R was swimming in tomatoes and zucchini .

Maybe it’s better to walk couple extra miles this summer instead of slowly murdering plants in the name of gardening.  Or maybe this year I will finally get the green in my thumb, I can but hope..